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  • Coke dry-quenching chamber

    Aug 10, 2021 · The circular dry quenching furnace is composed of a pre-storage section, a ramp area and a cooling section. CDQ gas circulation equipment is composed of circulating fan, feed water preheater, primary dust collector, boiler and secondary dust collector. Want to know more details about CDQ waste heat boilers?Learn More

  • Main Equipment of the CDQ Waste Heat Boilers--ZBG

    Coke Dry Quenching (CDQ) System. NIPPON STEEL CORPORATION / Nagoya Works / No.5 Coke Oven / CDQ. CDQ is a heat recovery system to cool the hot coke from coke ovens. It is one of the most renowned energy-efficient and environmentally-friendly facilities within steel production. CDQ is a system where hot coke removed from coke ovens at a temperature of approximately 1,000°C is cooled and kept dry with inert gas and the resulting steam produced in a waste heat …Learn More

  • Industrial Solutions uhde entrained-flow gasification

    Capital-intensive systems, such as the waste heat boiler system, the dry fly ash removal system and the quench gas compressor, are therefore no longer required. Process description Flow diagram of the uhde ® entrained-flow gasification process (PDQ) Main process data: Gasification pressure: 40 bar and higher Gas temperature at outlet of Learn More


    We are pioneer in the field of waste heat recovery boilers for non-recovery type coke ovens/coke dry-quenching (CDQ) plants and is one of the largest suppliers of such boilers in the world. The steam generated from these boilers is typically used for power generation. Manufactured as per Technology developed by Thermax.Learn More

  • Main Equipment of the CDQ Waste Heat Boilers-ZBG Boiler

    CDQ Waste Heat Boilers Liming 17:24:19. The Coke Dry Quenching (briefly called CDQ) waste heat boiler uses inert gas to cool the coke, transports the heat-absorbing inert gas to the boiler, and then sends it to the coking production energy-saving equipment through a circulating fan …Learn More

  • Innovations in the dry quenching of coke

    The design of the waste-heat boiler in Giprokoks dry-quenching systems must be modified. Discover the world's research our approach for dynamic contextual regulation in open multi-agent Learn More

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    Looking for industrial boiler agents all over the world 08-23. Waste Heat Boiler of Dry Quenching 08-23. How To Deoxygen In CDQ Waste Heat Boiler 08-23. Coke dry quenching boiler in iron and steel sector 08-23. D-type quick gas fired boiler 08-23. Analysis the boiler tonnage in aac plant 07-26. How A Coal Fired Power Plant Learn More

  • CDQ Waste Heat Boiler|XIZI UHC

    5、The boiler is designed with dual-pressure steam and self-deoxidizing system, similar to HRSG in Combined Cycle Power Plant (CCPP),improves~7.5% waste heat utilization ratio. 6、Boiler heating surface is designed as module type in order to guarantee production quality and meanwhile save the installation time on jobsite.Learn More

  • Exergy Analysis of a Coke Dry Quenching System

    64 Exergy Analysis of a Coke Dry Quenching System the benefits of energy saving and CO2 reduction achieved by the operation of the CDQ system were also explored. 2. MATHEMATICAL MODEL The CDQ system installed in China Steel Corpora-tion was principally composed of a cooling chamber, waste heat boiler, steam turbine-generator set, air supplyLearn More


    waste heat recovery boiler. Since the sensible heat recovered by the heat exchange in the cooling chamber is utilized as the heat resource for the steam generation, electric power generated from the CDQ is environment-friendly and clean energy. In addition, compared with conventional wet quenching system, CDQ brings about advantages suchLearn More

  • Improving coke-plant efficiency by dry quenching with

    Jun 03, 2016 · The material and thermal balance of the dry-quenching system is calculated. A TQ diagram of the heat-transfer process in the waste-heat boiler is plotted. If dry quenching with natural gas were used for all the coke produced at a full-cycle …Learn More

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    technologically advanced dry feed system, multiple burners and membrane wall of the PRENFLO® PSG process with a proprietary water quench system which saturates the raw syngas with water for subsequent gas treatment. Capital-intensive systems, such as the waste heat boiler system, the dry fly ash removal system and the quench gas compressor, areLearn More

  • Industrial Solutions Gasification Technologies

    Aug 10, 2021 · Main Equipment of the CDQ Waste Heat Boilers Liming 15:59:01. CDQ is mainly composed of red coke loading equipment, hoist, dry quenching furnace, cold coke discharge equipment, electric locomotive and coke tank trolley, coke tank, primary dust collector, secondary dust collector, CDQ boiler unit, circulation It is composed of fan, dust removal ground station, water treatment unit Learn More

  • Application of Dry Flue Gas Scrubbing to Hazardous Waste

    waste heat boiler upstream of the SDA would be the best approach if the resul-tant steam can be utilized at the facili-ty. The boiler will result in the smallest dry scrubbing system of the three alter-natives due to the lower volume of evaporated water and more efficient gas dispersion. However, the boiler should be designed with a flue gas re-Learn More

  • Method and apparatus for controlling heat input to a waste

    Dec 04, 2020 · In a coke dry quenching system utilizing a waste heat boiler, the sensible heat of bleeder gas exiting from the top of a coke dry quenching station is stored in a regenerator, and when heat input to the boiler falls below a predetermined level the stored heat is conducted to the waste heat boiler, whereby substantially constant heat input to the boiler is maintained.Learn More


    A major portion of the heat is removed in the fire-tube waste heat boiler, while the remaining heat is removed in the sulphur condensers. The supply of six trains on 650 TPD plant to Reliance Industries Ltd. (Jamnagar, India) is a noteworthy achievement for Thermax WHR boilers for sulphur recovery.Learn More

  • dry coke quenching, air pollution and energy: a status report

    dust-collecting bunkers into the waste-heat boiler. In the waste-heat boiler, the gases are cooled to between 350° and 390°F.3 After cooling in the waste-heat boiler, the gases pass through two dust recovery cyclones. In the cyclones, finer particulates are removed so that the gas-blower, which forces the gases through the dry quenching Learn More

  • Wear-resistant coating spraying technique for wear

    Dec 14, 2018 · During the operation of coke dry quenching (CDQ) waste-heat boiler, coke dry quenching recycled gas contains a certain amount of coke powder, which might erode furnace tube [1,2,3].Therefore, to protect the furnace tube, it is crucial to install the wear-proofing cover in the furnace tube position (ceiling tube and super-heater, etc.) where the boiler inlet was directly faced with the flue gas.Learn More

  • Research on Thermal Characteristics in Natural Circulation

    According to the process characteristics of coke drying quenching (CDQ) system, this paper gives the structure arrangement and heat distribution of the heating surfaces of the natural circulation CDQ waste-heat boiler with high pressure and high temperature, which guarantee the water natural circulation in a secure and reliable way.Learn More


    Some of the most interesting processes for waste heat to power applications are the coke dry quenching, the electric arc furnace (EAF) and the billet reheating furnace [15]. However, all of these processes are affected by fluctuations in the available heat for recovery.Learn More